Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Key reasons Your Order Management has to Evolve

Over years we have seen eCommerce explosion in every industry, starting early 2000 business wanted their website to be Search Engine Optimized (SEO) and Google dominated the search world and it still does, which lead to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns and yet again Google prevailed with Google Adwords.

The eCommerce industry spiked with Amazon and eBay major players who influenced online shopping frenzy attracting more and more merchants to publish their product offerings. Google stepped in with Price comparison engine (Froogle) and offered free services and finally turned into Paid Listing Ads (PLA) keeping their business relevant.

With latest announcement from Google to show  "Buy" button on product placement Ads on Mobile phones will directly target all major shopping players this might take away all your shopping clicks and traffic to your eCommerce website and instead allow shoppers to place order instantaneously with one click on Google.

This is huge game changer, they can disrupt Amazon and Ebay by keeping the internet search traffic and now the shopping traffic inside Google, what does this mean to Merchants across various industries?
Well if your business starts to scale and you end up pushing your products to Multi-Channel you will need robust Cloud solution that can allow to process incoming orders from various sources into your ERP system.

ERP vendors or solution providers should start thinking how to integrate Multi-Channel ordering system in real time, so shoppers who are buying with one click needs those products shipped at faster rate and keep up with customer satisfaction.

We at CloudERP2020 anticipate changes and educate our clients about the latest trends in the market and help them build interfaces to integrate with third party order system using web services, API or SDK and allow Cloud solution to scale.

To know more about our products and service offerings visit us at www.CloudERP2020.com 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Acumatica Version 5.0 Launch in Seattle With Seahawks team

InfoSourcing Inc (CloudERP2020.com), Acumatica Silver Certified Partner in Washington DC area is proud to announce launch of Acumatica Ver 5.0.
Acumatica launches it's new version at CenturyLink field’s West Club Lounge on Thursday, January 22 from 5pm to 7pm. ,

We’re so excited to welcome special guest Sidney Rice, Superbowl Champ and retired Seahawks’ Wide Receiver, current Seahawks’ Tight End Zach Miller and Emmy-award winner and legendary Seattle weatherman Steve Pool as our host for the evening

Go Seahawks & Acumatica !!!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Partner With Outliers in 2015 - Your Vision for Year 2020

CloudERP2020 wishes everyone Happy New Year 2015 !!!

Make your new year resolution to change your ERP software, are you currently LockedIn or trapped with your current ERP vendor, are you forced to upgrade and stay on expensive support. It's time to move on.
  • Is your Company paying more for support and maintenance?
  • Is your ERP Cloud ready?
  • Is your ERP vendor financial sound?
  • Is your ERP software has all the bells and whistles to run your business?
Work with industry experts in determining the next best ERP for your business.

At CloudERP2020 we have dedicated staff with more than 20 yrs of experience in ERP world, our staff have done 100+ of ERP implementations.

We back our implementations with world class support and help your organization with any custom solutions that might arise to run your ERP like a well-oiled machine.

Make this new year resolution and move to Cloud ERP, contact us

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Your Cloud in 2020, Keep your Business Vision 20-20

By 2020, many industry watchers believe the easy availability of commodity, on-demand IT will have dramatically disrupted the market to the extent of creating new ways of doing business.

Just read this great article on Computer Weekly about Cloud business in 2020 and how Cloud is changing the levels and why Business owners need to move towards cloud in next few years. 

Some of the quotes:: 
“Business in 2020 will be much more focused on controlling the cost levers and agility aspects,”  
“The business landscape is changing fast and at different rates in different geographies and verticals, so businesses will need to move faster and change things faster – expand and contract. So any IT used must be scalable and capable of meeting local political regulations. Cloud will play a part, but will be only one such source of IT.”
“People talk about shared services and a multi-tenanted platform and there will be an even bigger push towards BYOD (bring your own device) from non-technical people. Employees will want to be able to use any device and for cloud to be successful in this scenario, you should just be able to log in via your browser, regardless of device,”

“Look at Blockbuster and Netflix. Blockbuster is bankrupt because it was held back by its legacy of DVD shops, which is why Netflix could storm ahead with online rentals,” 
 “Cloud will be better because it is like having a Formula 1 team running IT compared to having the local garage – at the end of the day no organisation could afford to employ these people. You see innovation on a daily basis and organisations will go to the cloud because that level of innovation can’t be matched,”

We firmly believe Companies planning to succeed need to have clear vision, the 2020 vision to plan, migrate to Cloud solutions to leverage what Cloud has to offer and how they can benefit and get on the bandwagon before your competitors get on it.
You can read rest of the article here 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

ERP Software Myths, How to avoid costly mistakes?

ERP Myth Buster - Business often believe in cutting corners and trying to do it all by themselves without proper guidance and experience you will often end up with horror stories, Few software myths we have identified below for you.

Myth #1: I can do it myself.
Myth #2: I can hire developers and implement myself
Myth #3: It's not that hard to integrate and manage without IT support.

There are several myths people believe and end up costing more to Company when you skip the
basics and choose not to work with industry experts.

Why is it so important to have ERP experts guide you through Evaluation of the software?

ERP Implementation is not everybody's cup of tea, the experts would have spent more than 5+ yrs in learning the software, being trained and certified, building expertise in industry, implementing on-site
in real world and interfacing with various type of business, industries and customers.

So by working with ERP experts who have done this in the past and who can guide you to your successful implementation, you will gain and avoid costly mistakes.

CloudERP2020 is Cloud initiative by ERP experts who have 20+ yrs of ERP experience in implementing solutions across various industries and business across the world. Check us out at http://www.CloudERP2020.com

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome to CloudERP 2020

CloudERP 2020 is new initiative to bring Cloud business to Small, Medium and Large business, Cloud has to offer huge benefits and savings for business.

We have been consulting for more than15 years and we recognize the change in business models that impacts many business across various industries and we want to offer those change to our customers who are looking for solution that automates their business operations at cost and changes that make them to compete in the changing global market.

We offer ERP evaluation, Consulting, Implementation and Support so you can be rest assured and laser focused on improving your business while we figure out the best solution that fits your business model and business needs.

Check us out at http://www.CloudERP2020.com for our consulting expertise and solutions we offer to Small, Medium and Enterprise clients in Retail, Wholesale, Distribution, Mail Order and E-commerce and federal.